What would Gary Perweiler have noted about these pictures?
Maybe: These photographs, which were shot for my portfolio, show the basic principles of design that I frequently use in my still lifes. I like to arrange a small selection of objects and combine them with little, storry telling elements that connect the things shown and let the mind wander off and follow it's own path, beyond what is visible.
Or maybe this: The coat hangers anchor the image, the jean jacket arranged as if thoughtlessly thrown to the floor breaks up the rigid symmetry of the tiles. The splashes of yellow paint create interest and tell a story, and the round buttons of the jacket repeat the circular shape of the paint...


Fantastic stones!




... or actually not: where crystal glass is supposed to be completely clear, the varying mix of substances used to produce the glass results in the different colour tints shown here. The mix will define the degree of refraction of light - oh physics!





Disco coffee, resp. Coffee disco


Oh, you might have forgotten something here

When it comes to still life photography, Gary Perweiler's work from the late seventies and through the eighties is such a treasure for me. Looking through his book "Secrets of Studio Still Life Photography" always gives me pleasant chills. His strict, graphical arrangements and use of colour contrasts can be read as another instance that conveys the bold celebration of artificiality of that era. I would like to propose to call it the Perweiler Style from now on - let's do more of this!








Clearly pre-Perweiler, this was another attempt in 1970's
advertisement style that developed out of a commisioned work
that did not involve the apples, but the book. That time delved in the
apple symbol - I hardly see them around nowadays..



Spider, Octopus






Berlin-based photographer working in the fields of portraiture, theater, and still/product.
Received an MA in cultural studies and American literature from Humboldt University Berlin, then worked as
photographer's assistant for several years, and now has a studio located in Berlin's Wedding district.

Pictures have been commissioned by/published in:
Der Freitag, taz, Brigitte, Zuumeo, Börsenblatt des Deutschen Buchhandels, Buchmarkt, Verbrecher Verlag,
Die Zeit, Theater heute, Der Standard, Zitty, Antidiskriminierungsstelle des Bundes, Antas Bindermann Listau,
Neues Deutschland, Frankfurter Rundschau, MusicBoard Berlin, Berliner Zeitung, Frankfurter Rundschau,
Die Wochenzeitung/WOZ, Brücke Museum Berlin, Zalando.

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