I’m Nane, a Berlin-based photographer working in the fields of portraiture, theater, and still/product.
Originally, I received an MA in Cultural Studies and American Literature from Humboldt University Berlin. After working in publishing for a few years, I decided to start with what I was really in to, and began working as an assistant for beauty-, celebrity/portrait-, and still photographers for another few years. Now here am I, and you are looking at my website: Welcome!

My portrait work is guided by my respect for the people I photograph and the aim to find ways of depicting my subjects that both I and they feel comfortable with and truly represented by, notwithstanding current fashions and styles. This, I find, has proven to make everyone involved - the people I work for, the persons I take photos of, and myself - the happiest in the long run. I call this the long term pleasure principle.

I also have an interest for e-commerce, where I work as both a freelance art director and photograph chic clothes both on model and as stills. Despite how quickly this work goes and its utilitarian purpose, I take this quite seriously. There is actually a surprising amount of thought and care that goes into arranging a garment just right! Test me. (Or visit Aul, our studio for product and still life photography.

I often feel that I am „bad with social media“, but when I think about it I actually just practice a bit of restraint… You are warmly invited to follow my blissfully minimalistic Instagram! I can easily promise not to constantly fill your feed with cute dogs and succulents, but will keep you up to date with my latest work and the interesting parts of what I am up to.

My Work has been commissioned by/published in:

Der Freitag
Süddeutsche online
Buchkultur / Österreich
The Guardian
Verbrecher Verlag
Die Zeit online
Theater heute
Der Spiegel
Brücke Museum Berlin
Die Tirolerin / Österreich
Counter Signals
Börsenblatt des Deutschen Buchhandels
Der Standard
Antidiskriminierungsstelle des Bundes
Antas Bindermann Listau
Neues Deutschland
MusicBoard Berlin
Berliner Zeitung
Frankfurter Rundschau
Die Wochenzeitung / Schweiz
Speak Low
Schauspielschule Charlottenburg


FON 0157 - 5160 5217
EMAIL hello@nanediehl.com